Q:- How do I get my kit?

                                A:- Order with confidence via PayPal. If you wish to order by cheque then
                                please phone me on 01243 537312 after 6pm please. Or EMAIL me for further directions.

                                Q:- Why should I buy a kit when I could buy equipment ready made?

A:- There are several answers to this question. The first  and most obvious is that a good kit has a very high level of performance. Greater than a commercially built equiverlent of comparable cost. Then there is the pleasure gained in making your own. Nothing beats the great feeling when a piece of home assembled kit bursts into life. Another good reason is that a great  deal more knowledge is   gained about how equipment works and what works with what.

Q:- How difficult is it to assemble one of  your kits?

A:-We spend a great deal of time ensuring that our  kits are easy to build. They are supplied with concise and comprehensive instructions  and drawings. All that required to assemble one is a power drill, soldering iron, solder, cutters and long nose pliers.

Q:-  How long does it take to deliver the kit to my door?

A:- As soon as we get your order we will send you a receipt  and acknowledgement. As our kits are assembled on an individual basis and we have to obtain the parts ourselves it can take anything up to 21 days. However we pride ourselves in despatching as promptly as we  can  and usually  beat this deadline.